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Gomez and Molina Marbella introduce the Jewellery brand Nialaya

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Nialaya Jewellery Marbella Gomez and Molina

Nialaya Jewellery Marbella Gomez and Molina

Made by hand in Hollywood, and worn by a firmament of Hollywood starlets, Nialaya the jewellery brand that’s “so hip it hurts” has landed in Marbella. Edgy, spiritual, slick and so damn desirable, Nialaya is the must-have accessory for the thinking fashionista, says Louise Cook Edwards.

Perfectly crafted gemstones, all with hidden powers of attraction, edgy charms featuring Buddhas, skulls, stars, hearts and an irresistible array of quirky symbols; silver, gold and wooden ranges, women’s and men’s lines and more celebrity endorsement than the Vanity Fair Oscar’s party… what more could a jewellery brand want?

Beads of Perfection

Yes, Nialaya could be jewellery’s answer to nirvana, the state of perfect bliss all Buddhists aspire to when perfecting the art of fulfilling their karma and never having to be reincarnated again… What could be more perfect than a piece of Nialaya jewellery, ingeniously crafted in infinite variations, colours, shapes, sizes and price ranges, it is as if each item “speaks” to a chosen recipient and is just waiting for its rightful owner to come along and claim it as his own…

The creative impulse behind Nialaya is pure genius – a winning combination of glamour and spiritual intrigue, the brand’s awesome website gives the option of choosing pieces “by celebrity” or by the “healing power” of the stone… And with designs that manage to be both hip and hippy-ish, Nialaya is a true incarnation of fashion’s 21st century mind-set.Nialaya Jewllery - Marbella Gomez and Molina

Add to this the fact that Nialaya is within reach of most wallets, with prices ranging from a few hundred euros to several thousand  – the choice is yours: silver or white gold; white sea pearls or polished wood; Diamonds or Tiger’s Eye, in the Nialaya catalogue a whole universe of attractive options unfold before your eyes, drawing you ever closer to your perfect Nialaya match.

Who Wears Your Nialaya?

Are you more Elle Macpherson or Paris Hilton, David Guetta or Justin Bieber, Olivia Palermo or Katy Perry? Whatever your celebrity poison, there is a Nialaya with your name on it… Perhaps you yourself are the next big celebrity endorsement.

Justin Bieber Marbella Nialaya Jewellery

Purchase a bracelet made with Aventurine – which is purported to attract abundance and wealth, and maybe your dreams of superstardom will be well on their way to coming true… For love, try Cherry quartz, also known as the Stone of Love, Coral – is said to strengthen our emotional foundations, while Carnelian is reputed to stimulate passion and boldness. Nailaya necklaces and bracelets are made in a wide variety of high quality gemstones – with hidden powers to add not just beauty but subtle energies to your life.

Nialaya Jewllery - Marbella Gomez and Molina

Buy a diamond Nialaya necklace – for clarity and inner strength, and again, by a leap of faith – or the power of quantum physics – you could find yourself heading up the ranks to the A-list and find your name among the list of celebs endorsing the coveted brand.

And even if the celebrity circuit is not for you, acquiring a Nialaya creation all of your own – and you can buy beads and charms to customize your very own design – you will be buying a truly gorgeous piece of 21st century jewellery.

Nialaya Jewllery - Marbella Gomez and Molina

Nialaya is available in exclusivity from Gomez&Molina (G&M Casual) in Marina Banus Shopping Center, Puerto Banús.  www.silverbanus.com

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